Just in case I didn’t tell you guys what I want for Christmas…


Let’s do this…

Amazing Google Earth display…

Apple store 5th Avenue #NYC - (Photo Cred - @goldmansachselevator)

Amazing. —- @natgeo Repost.


#GloryGlory it’s game day! If you stayed in #Athens for the game make sure to use your @thelocalnotion card.


This is the first time I’ve picked up a paper in over a year. What is Bezos trying to do? #WashingtonPost

Rappers rapping about nice clothes. Who would’ve thought. #TomFord

The apparently novice travelers holding up the Delta line. I don’t see what goes through some people’s mind when they pack or go to the airport.

Bought two of these tonight to test at the office. We’re all 100% paperless. Clients sign iPads.